Innovation Center
It means the junction of the Commercial,P&D and Management System departments, whose aim is kee a close contact with the client, analysing his requirements, taking part in his expectatives and providing innovative solutions both in processes and gestion, as far as the development of packagings is concerned.

A skillful team is ready to attend the clients´ calls, with technical knowledge to appraise the flaws which are likely to occur in the client´s machine. Furthermore, the team provides a program of visits for all the company´s clients, optimizing the path-way of our product in the machine.

Staff dedicated to the research of new technologies and maintaining partnerships with our key suppliers , aiming to offer the best solutions to customers. This team keeps the management under the agreed specifications and operates in innovation processes demanded by customers.

The Technical Support team works in partnership with the Management System department so that both represent the client in the internal activities of the company defending their needs and promoting actions to provide the necessary feedback to its requests.